Rebuilding The Body’s Cells.

Vitamin E is a subject that entire books can be written about. In my opinion it is also one of the most commercialized vitamins in the history of supplemental nutrition, and there is plenty of shame to go around. I cannot write a book for you today, but what i can do is tell you something you may have never heard before, and this information is quite valuable. Most vitamin e that you encounter on a shelf at a grocery store, or a drug store, is utterly incomplete. Has anyone ever mentioned to you that vitamin e has eight components? The vitamin e you see at the store usually has only one, and to make matters worse, it is often times man made vitamin e.


What i offer you in the short mention of vitamin e, is that vitamin e has four tocopherols and four tocotrienols. The supplement that i take has all eight components, and so should yours. Vitamin e is mission critical for healthy human cells, and all eight parts has it’s roll to play. More will be said about vitamin e in future posts, but read up on it. Never rely only on a website post for your information. Reading a book devoted to vitamin e, will change your life.

Retinol, which is a form of vitamin a, plays a critical role in cellular regeneration and defense against free radical damage. It helps to build collage to assist in healthy appearance by lowering the amount on lines and wrinkles to the skin on the body. It also helps defend against age spot, including those caused by the sun. Using a good quality retinol cream would go a long way towards rebuilding your cells each day, and of course finding a good oral vitamin a supplement makes sense as well. We have cells deep within our bodies that need daily attention as well. Always consider more than just website posts. Read as much as you can about cellular care. It really is worth your time.

Coenzyme Q10 is awesome for the skin and for human cell rebuilding. Topical CoQ10 has proven also to be very helpful because it has the ability to penetrate the layers of the skin and have very positive influence of cell repair, and the slowing down of the aging process. Taking the supplement orally had been touted as a heart healthy thing to do, after all our heart cells work all day at the mission critical task of serving nutrients to our entire system. Synergy is another thing to consider. CoQ10, plus vitamin e, a, c, so on, all work together on helping us to rebuild our cells on a daily basis. Reading up on the theories of antioxidants would be very helpful to you in your efforts to make decisions on what to take, and how to take supplements together.


Polyphenols play a role in assisting with inflammation. Polyphenols are plant substances that assist in, among other things, protecting cells from damage due to sun exposure. Plants phenols such as green tea, and grape seed, resveratrol, pine bark, and others have both antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties and also assist in cellular defense, and the slowing of the aging process. These nutrients can be taken orally, but you should consider a cream or lotion to use on those body parts that are most at risk via exposure each day.

One of my favorite vitamins for cellular defense and rebuilding, is timed released vitamin c. I once read that a vitamin c ion is used up each time the body creates a collagen molecule. I take vitamin c two times a day in an effort to make sure my body has such ions available should collagen molecule production be ongoing.

Always read, read, read. No better subject to read up on than that of staying alive. Cheers.



Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements.

The gulf between pharma grade vitamins and just plain food grade vitamins, is huge. It really is a challenging subject because there is so much going on in the supplement industry, as well as plenty of disagreement among doctors, nutritionists, and biochemists regarding what is needed, and what is not needed by the body. Then there is the never ending issue of money. To say it differently, the drive for profit. Publicly traded corporations are more concerned about share price than anything else. One could say it would be financially criminal for a corporation to be more concerned about purity of product, than gain of profit. It really is the never ending conflict. Such conflicts date back as far as the written word. It is our individual responsibility to navigate such waters. The better informed we are, the better we can navigate our wellness ships.


Not only do we need to pay attention to issues such as pharma grade vs. food grade, we also must pay close attention to absorption issues. If a supplement in the form being sold is not easily absorbed, that is a huge issue. For example, the magnesium supplement that i take is both timed released, and also chelated to the amino acid glycine. The most common magnesium supplement found in food grade vitamins, is magnesium oxide. I have read so many conflicting reports, one of which said magnesium oxide is only four percent absorbed. Maybe that report is wrong, however most experts agree, magnesium oxide is a very poor choice. And yet i see in more in multi vitamin, mineral formulas than i see any other form of magnesium.

Therefore, for the purposes of this post, i would like to share thoughts on two issues. Absorption, and is the product what it claims to be. It’s strong advise for anyone, that we read up as much as possible on the issue of absorption. I mentioned magnesium. Chelated creates a more absorb able mineral, the reason i also take timed released is because quick release magnesium can have a laxative effect. That makes things potentially difficult. ¬†Another product that i take timed released is vitamin c. Ascorbic Acid is the form i take, and it is known to be lost in the urine, and then somewhat wasted.

Using timed released vitamin c, slows down the rate of speed at which it is fed to my system, and thus less is lost. Please consider reading a book, or even an ebook on the subject of nutrient absorption as it relates to the supplement industry. The subject is vast, and could never be given justice during a website post. I hope my examples inspire you to do extensive reading on the subject. It is well worth the time, and expense of the book.


It was mentioned is a previous post, that three grades exist to supplements. Feed grade for animals, Food grade for humans, And Pharmaceutical grade for maximum purity for humans. Pharma grade would seem the best, but bio availability, in other words, ability to absorb, must always have your attention. Pharma grade is great for letting you know exactly what you are putting into your body. One of the best types of Pharma grade supplements to consider, are whole food supplements. Food grade vitamins are surely better than nothing, but Pharma grade vitamins derived from whole food sources will be the purest, and most bio available that money can pay for. Whole food based, with chelated minerals is a topic worth reading about at great length. Go online and research the different supplement companies. also focus on the word phytonutrients. These are a myriad of plant substances that protect the body as well as assist the body is detoxification chores.

In closing, what are Pharma Grade Vitamins? The idea is, in a perfect world, Pharma grade would ensure purity as well as bio availability of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements on the market, taken to help ensure wellness. Please read about it. Never rely only on website posts. Buy a book by a qualified author. Research for a minute who the author is, and read some reviews of the book before buying it. My website is new, and it will take months, maybe years to fill up this website with what is needed to gain pharma beautiful results from supplementation. I will do posts often, and you and I? We will read, read, and read some more.




Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oils.

Many consumers are unaware of the fact that fish oils are not all created equal. Just as with other products available in the supplement for sale industry, fish oil supplements can vary quite widely in quality, purity of product, and especially in the area of potency. As is usually the case , pharmaceutical grade would be the purest form available of the product, and much more desired over a more standard food grade fish oil supplement. Such a product would have the purity of the oil it self and provide the best level of potency in regards to the essential fatty acids available to the body in the recommended daily allowance.


It basically comes down to the process being used to formulate the product. The essential fatty acids offered in fish oil are DHA and EPA, and what a consumer should be looking for per 1000 mg of overall fish oil, is a ratio with in the product of 300 mg of EPA and 200 mg of DHA per 1000 mg serving. It is believed that essential fatty acids coming from fish oil, are quite effective in supplying the body with quality EPA and DHA nutrition. The pharmaceutical grade oils, being the purest and the most potent, would of course carry the highest price as well. It is estimated that 100 gallons of normal heath food grade fish oil is needed to produce just one gallon of the higher grade fish oils on the market.

One of the difficulties regarding making a decision of which fish oil to take, is that the food and drug administration does not have and regulations in place regarding the processing and over all safety of fish oil products. So it makes perfect sense to purchase such supplements fro a company that has excellent ratings, and that is a company that you have grown to trust over a period of time. I have found that companies such as Swanson Vitamins, Vitacost, and Puritan’s Pride, are companies online that offer safe and effective products, many of which qualify to be labeled as pharmaceutical grade. I have no connection to the companies i have named, other than i am a customer.


There is an entity, consumer labs dot com, which is known to be a research laboratory that operates independent of any supplement selling company. Consumer labs dot com is an excellent resource for doing a bit of research on your own as to the efficacy, potency, purity, and safety of a given supplement product. Consumer labs is known to have reviews on over 50 different brands of fish oils. When you consider the lack of regulation by the Food and Drug Administration, it really does fall upon us as consumers to do our own bit of homework in an effort to help ourselves make an informed decision.

As i always try to do, i would love to persuade you to read further on the subject of essential fatty acids. Borage oil, flax oil, fish oil, krill oils, are all examples of oils containing various fatty acids that are helpful to assisting in health and wellness. Please consider an ebook, reading at the library, of further reading online to grasp as much information all possible.








Choosing A Vitamin C.

It is very uncommon in the United States, to happen upon a true case of scurvy. Scurvy is the result of a very serious vitamin c deficiency, and because we have an over all abundant food supply, such a case is quite rare. However it is quite common to find situations where a person is low in vitamin c, especially those people who rely heavily on fast foods, and packaged foods for sustenance. The elderly often fall low in the vitamin, and smokers, as well as drug users, are most certainly deficient in vitamin c.

In a perfect world, one would optimally find enough vitamin c in their normal food intake. The truth is, only by eating large daily amounts of organic, very fresh, and locally grown fruits and veggies, could a person ever hope to obtain enough vitamin c via normal dietary intake alone. Eating a diet that is wealthy in colorful foods is also important. All the different colors offer differnt levels of vitamin c as well as bioflavanoids which are needed as co factors of the vitamin.

Juicing tons of veggies and fruits is also a great way to boost your vitamin c, but it is plenty of work, and often impossible to get to. I believe deeply in taking advantage of our ability to supplement with vitamin c. I love timed release supplements as well as liposomal vitamin c supplements as they are used up slowly, and stay in the body for longer periods; thus naturally increasing the availability of the supplement taken.

Image result for liposomal c

A good, quality pharma grade timed release ascorbic acid product which includes bioflavanoids, and then also a good quality liposomal vitamic c, should cover all the bases. There is a Doctor in the Chicago area whom i have never met or connected with, but i know of him by word of mouth as well as via the internet. His name is Mercola. I have used his liposomal capsules, and i am very impressed with the product. I have never tried other products of his because his merchandise is out of my price range, but a 500 mg capsule of his vitamin c, was affordable for me.

It is estimated that if every American was to take 500 to 1000 mg of vitamin c per day, every day, the USA could avoid 200,000 pre mature deaths per year. That says a lot about just how important Vitamin C is.

Never rely on just an internet website post to make a decision. Please visit websites devoted to timed released c as well as liposomal c, and consider reading a 3 dollar ebook on the subject. You will be doing your health a grand favor. To you health and that of your family. Cheers.








Pharmaceutical Grade Lotion.

A powerful Japanese cosmetics firm, hit the headlines last year because it developed and marketed La Creme, which is a thirteen thousand dollar, two ounce jar of beauty cream. It is rumored that only three jars were ever produced, and was the most expensive lotion ever made on earth. Needless to say, not many people could ever afford such a jar of cream, and the truth is, most of the cost was for the extravagant jar. However, lotions and creams are needed to keep skin, especially facial skin, looking young and nourished properly. Not all lotions are similar, and one could say that there are no two creams or lotions that are formulated exactly the same way. Different product offer different care for the skin.

Skin type also plays a vital role in choice of product so that one might address exact personal needs and benefits. With climate of location, and season of the year to deal with, people often have more than one product in use.

Creams and lotions make plenty of promises. Some promise to remove evidence of aging, or to cleans the skin of toxins. Many claim to tighten up wrinkles, and or reduce facial lines. Customers often pay a steep price for such products, and very much expect positive results. Often the consumer will use different products at different times of the day. Vitamin C Serum lotions are popular during the day time hours, whereas creams and lotions contain Vitamin A retinol are popular at night to offer over night repairs and rebuilding of cells during sleep. People during the decade of there thirties seem to gravitate towards moisturizing lotions a lot, and often apply such lotions two to three times daily.

Pricey creams and lotions are nice, but these days something is available to consumers of all income groups. Skin care is a multi billion dollar industry, and it offers something to everyone.

When we speak of moisture, we must speak of hyaluronic acid. As expensive a supplement as this is, it is the holy grail of moisturizers. It actually attracts moisture to wherever it is located. The supplement is in many creams and lotions, but can also be taken orally in an effort to help lubricate joints. This supplement is amazing for all takers, and you should consider online videos and or ebooks on the subject. Yes it really is that good.

Some experts believe that creams or lotions in jars should be avoided. There seems to be much less exposure to the open air of purified products when used or applied via pumps and or tubes. The product stays fresh longer, and retains it over all effectiveness. Yes do choose pharmaceutical grade anytime that you can afford to. The greater the purity of the product, the better the results over time. When checking the label, focus on the ingredients listed at the top. That will give you insight as to content balance and percentages of active ingredients to be found in the product it self.