Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements.

The gulf between pharma grade vitamins and just plain food grade vitamins, is huge. It really is a challenging subject because there is so much going on in the supplement industry, as well as plenty of disagreement among doctors, nutritionists, and biochemists regarding what is needed, and what is not needed by the body. Then there is the never ending issue of money. To say it differently, the drive for profit. Publicly traded corporations are more concerned about share price than anything else. One could say it would be financially criminal for a corporation to be more concerned about purity of product, than gain of profit. It really is the never ending conflict. Such conflicts date back as far as the written word. It is our individual responsibility to navigate such waters. The better informed we are, the better we can navigate our wellness ships.


Not only do we need to pay attention to issues such as pharma grade vs. food grade, we also must pay close attention to absorption issues. If a supplement in the form being sold is not easily absorbed, that is a huge issue. For example, the magnesium supplement that i take is both timed released, and also chelated to the amino acid glycine. The most common magnesium supplement found in food grade vitamins, is magnesium oxide. I have read so many conflicting reports, one of which said magnesium oxide is only four percent absorbed. Maybe that report is wrong, however most experts agree, magnesium oxide is a very poor choice. And yet i see in more in multi vitamin, mineral formulas than i see any other form of magnesium.

Therefore, for the purposes of this post, i would like to share thoughts on two issues. Absorption, and is the product what it claims to be. It’s strong advise for anyone, that we read up as much as possible on the issue of absorption. I mentioned magnesium. Chelated creates a more absorb able mineral, the reason i also take timed released is because quick release magnesium can have a laxative effect. That makes things potentially difficult. ¬†Another product that i take timed released is vitamin c. Ascorbic Acid is the form i take, and it is known to be lost in the urine, and then somewhat wasted.

Using timed released vitamin c, slows down the rate of speed at which it is fed to my system, and thus less is lost. Please consider reading a book, or even an ebook on the subject of nutrient absorption as it relates to the supplement industry. The subject is vast, and could never be given justice during a website post. I hope my examples inspire you to do extensive reading on the subject. It is well worth the time, and expense of the book.


It was mentioned is a previous post, that three grades exist to supplements. Feed grade for animals, Food grade for humans, And Pharmaceutical grade for maximum purity for humans. Pharma grade would seem the best, but bio availability, in other words, ability to absorb, must always have your attention. Pharma grade is great for letting you know exactly what you are putting into your body. One of the best types of Pharma grade supplements to consider, are whole food supplements. Food grade vitamins are surely better than nothing, but Pharma grade vitamins derived from whole food sources will be the purest, and most bio available that money can pay for. Whole food based, with chelated minerals is a topic worth reading about at great length. Go online and research the different supplement companies. also focus on the word phytonutrients. These are a myriad of plant substances that protect the body as well as assist the body is detoxification chores.

In closing, what are Pharma Grade Vitamins? The idea is, in a perfect world, Pharma grade would ensure purity as well as bio availability of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements on the market, taken to help ensure wellness. Please read about it. Never rely only on website posts. Buy a book by a qualified author. Research for a minute who the author is, and read some reviews of the book before buying it. My website is new, and it will take months, maybe years to fill up this website with what is needed to gain pharma beautiful results from supplementation. I will do posts often, and you and I? We will read, read, and read some more.




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