Pharmaceutical Grade Lotion.

A powerful Japanese cosmetics firm, hit the headlines last year because it developed and marketed La Creme, which is a thirteen thousand dollar, two ounce jar of beauty cream. It is rumored that only three jars were ever produced, and was the most expensive lotion ever made on earth. Needless to say, not many people could ever afford such a jar of cream, and the truth is, most of the cost was for the extravagant jar. However, lotions and creams are needed to keep skin, especially facial skin, looking young and nourished properly. Not all lotions are similar, and one could say that there are no two creams or lotions that are formulated exactly the same way. Different product offer different care for the skin.

Skin type also plays a vital role in choice of product so that one might address exact personal needs and benefits. With climate of location, and season of the year to deal with, people often have more than one product in use.

Creams and lotions make plenty of promises. Some promise to remove evidence of aging, or to cleans the skin of toxins. Many claim to tighten up wrinkles, and or reduce facial lines. Customers often pay a steep price for such products, and very much expect positive results. Often the consumer will use different products at different times of the day. Vitamin C Serum lotions are popular during the day time hours, whereas creams and lotions contain Vitamin A retinol are popular at night to offer over night repairs and rebuilding of cells during sleep. People during the decade of there thirties seem to gravitate towards moisturizing lotions a lot, and often apply such lotions two to three times daily.

Pricey creams and lotions are nice, but these days something is available to consumers of all income groups. Skin care is a multi billion dollar industry, and it offers something to everyone.

When we speak of moisture, we must speak of hyaluronic acid. As expensive a supplement as this is, it is the holy grail of moisturizers. It actually attracts moisture to wherever it is located. The supplement is in many creams and lotions, but can also be taken orally in an effort to help lubricate joints. This supplement is amazing for all takers, and you should consider online videos and or ebooks on the subject. Yes it really is that good.

Some experts believe that creams or lotions in jars should be avoided. There seems to be much less exposure to the open air of purified products when used or applied via pumps and or tubes. The product stays fresh longer, and retains it over all effectiveness. Yes do choose pharmaceutical grade anytime that you can afford to. The greater the purity of the product, the better the results over time. When checking the label, focus on the ingredients listed at the top. That will give you insight as to content balance and percentages of active ingredients to be found in the product it self.













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