Pharmaceutical Grade Meaning.

Are all vitamin supplements created equal? Or is it possible that some are better than others, with some being off the charts in the area of purity and efficacy.Almost three forth’s of our world’s population consumes some sort of supplemental vitamin each and every day. Thousands upon thousands of companies exist worldwide that offer supplements for sale, and i dare say there are hundreds of thousands of products available which claim to aid in all around human health and wellness. In the United States, the food and drug administration does not have such a strict level of scrutiny when it comes to wellness products and vitamin mineral supplements, but over the years it’s appears as though greater efforts have been put forth to inform consumers more, and mandate meaningful warning labels.


It is a bit shocking, however, that the FDA permits fillers and binders of questionable safety to be used in supplement products. Many of these items are of no health benefit whatsoever, and there is debate about whether long term exposure to such additives can be considered toxic over time. This is where the idea of pharmaceutical grade enters into the equation. Such a grade of purity may indeed give consumers a healthier product to choose as well as the peace of mind that comes with having a higher degree of trust in the products being put into ones body.

There really are many situations, and cases where impure ingredients are used by companies in an effort to be profitable. Lets face it. Most companies on this planet are in the business to make money, and everything else they do is secondary. Most of the time the FDA does not require much in the way of information on supplement bottles as it pertains to inactive ingredients. So many products contain mostly filler items as would easily be witnessed with the naked eye when you take a 100 mg tablet that has only 5 mg of the product advertised to be in the tablet. So may i ask, why is the over tablet so large? What else is going on?

Pharmaceutical Grade is a concept that is gaining speed because the health and wellness community must be challenged to offer products that really do promote health and wellness, while at the same time are safe to consume over very extended periods of time. Pharmaceutical Grade means the product meets are exceeds the same purity standards as that of a drug offered by a pharmaceutical firm. Food Grade means the products meets the lower level standard of being considered safe foe human consumption, and the Feed Grade is animals only.


Please understand right now, there is no such thing as a product which is 100% pure, however to be listed as Pharmaceutical Grade, the product is to test out at a level of 99% pure or greater. Such verification and certification is to be had only by the United States Pharmacopeia. Also know as USP.

If a product is labeled as certified by USP, you can bet it is of the highest purity available on the market.

The challenge of course for the average consumer, is cost. Most people would find it quite difficult to afford all of what they supplement with to be of USP standards. Yet it is best to take in what can be afforded, and to always stay in the know regarding supplement purity.